Documentary Voices in its 4th edition focuses on Women Empowerment. Nabila brings you the story.

Movie Premier "A Separation" show in Knowledge Village, organized by Documentary Voices.

Documentary Voices 2010 - Dubai

6th Documentary Children Voices: FilmScreenings Lectures & Workshops -5 Day of Documentary Making Course Lead By Yemane Demissie

A video made as a work for doc voices... edited and camera khaled


What you might not know about Harry

Twenty years on, here's some magic numbers.

Mon Jun 26 2017 17:30:43

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Han Solo movie split shows franchise directors face long odds

Ambitious artists have long chafed at Hollywood's intrusions. Orson Welles' struggles with the studio system were legendary. Director Billy Wilder compared F. Scott Fitzgerald's adventures as a screenwriter to "a great sculptor who is hired to do a plumbing job."

Mon Jun 26 2017 16:47:48

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Hollywood studios braced for writers’ strike

Dispute comes ahead of advertising talks for autumn TV shows

Sun Apr 30 2017 14:38:16

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Ruth Negga stands tall in the year of ‘Preacher’

The petite half-Ethiopian, half-Irish actress notched both big screen and small screen triumphs this year, playing distinctive women who could not be more different

Mon Jun 26 2017 14:11:00

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Kelly Osbourne claims Starbucks made her wet herself

Kelly insists staff at the coffee shop turned her away when she asked to use the restroom.

Mon Jun 26 2017 15:45:00

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Nintendo Just Announced a Super Nintendo Classic Edition

Mon Jun 26 2017 17:38:21

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Film Review

Mon Jun 26 2017 14:37:00

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'The Bad Batch' Review: It's Social Rejects vs. Cannibals in Dystopia U.S.A.

Thu Jun 22 2017 22:10:59

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Tehran to host int'l cartoon contest on Trump

Iran's capital Tehran will organize an international cartoon contest on US President Trump with the participation of over 500 cartoonists from 75 countries.

Sat Jun 24 2017 11:44:17

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Favorite Links

Soheil Javadi

Graphic designer and advertisement agency

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Dubai Film Festival 2016

International Dubai Film Festival

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Karnameh Institute

Karnameh Institute of Arts & Culture

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